Monday, July 5, 2010

Awards :)

Look, Mom and Dad! My internet friends gave me TWO awards!
I can’t seem to find a cash prize listed anywhere, so continue to smile and pretend that it’s the thought that counts, like at Christmas when someone gets you clothes that you’ll never wear (that one was for you, Daddy! “It’s a damn coat.” Haha, I love you.)

JUST KIDDING, internet friends!!! A few days ago I had no idea what a blog award was or how I could get my doodling hands on one, and now I have TWO! I am ecstatic. Just look at me:

You can tell I’m happy because my dimples are showing.
There were even fireworks celebrating my awards!
That may have been a lie, but there were fireworks.
Ok, and I couldn’t physically hold onto my awards, so I’m doing it virtually. Deal with it.

Without further ado, I present you my awards:

My first ever blog award is from lalalalauren over at lauren vs. reality.

This award is titled “the versatile blogger” and, though I’m not sure I deserve it, I haven’t done any poems (yet), lauren definitely does because she’s also the genius behind The Musical Advice Column. Check her out if you haven’t yet!

Ok, so the rules for this blog award (or herpes of the blogosphere, as lauren refers to it):

1. Thank the person who gave you the award

2. Share seven things about you

3. Nominate 15 newly discovered blogs

4. Let your nominees know about the award!


Here goes… something.

1. Thank you, thank you!!!

2. Seven things about me:

1) I am going to try out a poem or two soon, so that I feel better about receiving this award.

2) I went grocery shopping today and therefore feel like I’ve accomplished something.

3) I love Disney movies and when I have a baby I will hold it up like Simba for the world to see, but not like MJ over a balcony because that’s just not safe.

4) I used to take piano lessons and recently found a picture of my child self online posing for my piano teacher’s album cover in the most embarrassing dress ever stitched.

5) I learned a lot from my summer classes this session, but my grades are certainly not going to reflect it :(

6) I eat tomatoes whole, like an apple, and my husband thinks I’m weird because of it (if you eat your tomatoes like this too, please let me know in the comments, or email me if you would like to remain anonymous:

7) I have a terribly controlling sweet tooth

3. 15 seems a little crazy to me, and I don’t like the term “nominees”, so I’m going to choose a few winners instead– that way the winners know that I truly like their blog and am not just trying to fill the slots.

1) You’re Lucky I Don’t Have a Gun @

2) Amber @

3) Gnetch @

4. I will let you know soon, I promise.

NEXT UP: my second ever blog award!!! Second only by like half an hour or something crazy like that.

This blog award is from You’re Lucky I Don’t Have a Gun over at Things I Like to Eat. A blog about eating? Now, that’s my kind of blog. And it’s not just about eating, it is about other things too. And it’s hilarious. Hey, she probably deserves a “the versatile blogger” award! Oh, wait, I already gave her one ;) Check out her blog – unless of course you are a dull and boring person and want no awesome in your life.

It’s the “You’re going places Award” and it has pictures of places that I have never, ever been! Hopefully that means that I will be going to those places!

There seem to be no “rules” to this one; I just have to explain where I see myself in 10 years, so this is it:

I have absolutely no idea. I mean, ask my 13 year old self where I thought I’d be in 10 years and I would have never been able to guess that I’d be where I am now. In 10 years I have gone from small town girl with braces and a million boy crushes (the hottest celebrity crushes taped to every available wall space in my bedroom) to moving 2,000 miles away from my friends and family and becoming the wife of one of those boy crushes!!! So, with that in mind, I will attempt to predict the future.

In 10 years I will have a teaching job that I love. I will have a house, or at least a nice condo. I will have a dog and possibly a child (if not, I will be seriously considering having or adopting on­e). I will [still] have a husband who loves me. I will have a published novel (whether it is one of the projects I have going right now, I am not sure, but it will happen). I will have a jetpack. Rosie from The Jetson’s will be cleaning my house/condo. And, perhaps most importantly: I will be me, only older.

Now, I’ll choose a few winners for this award, too:

1) lalalalauren @

2) Stacy @

3) Johana @

That’s it on the awards for now. Be sure to check out all of the winners because they are all amazing (that’s why I chose them) and they will definitely make you laugh and leave you wanting more.

Thanks again for choosing me, ladies!!!

Oh, one more thing:

I just wanted to let you know that I made a page all about my wedding called “Happily Ever After”. Click that bad boy to check it out. There is also a link to it at the top of the page :)


  1. Hahaha. You're really funny!!! I love that your dimples are showing. And I'd love to hold my future baby by the neck over the bal-- scratch that! I mean the way Simba was held up too!!! It would be awesome!

    Thanks for the award. I promise to post this soon. :)

  2. I like how you changed your page! It suits you :D Congrats Lacey! You totally deserve it!

  3. congrats gal! a blogger award so soon.....m jealous!!! hehehe....gud wrk yaa...carry on in d same manner..n always make us laugh wid ur funny n hilarious posts...:)

  4. You draw AND you write, therefore you are versatile. :D Plus, you are hilarious. So you win at being a versatile blogger. Hehe.

    And thanks the award. :D Will post it soon!

  5. Thank you so much for the award. You're super dope.

  6. big time thanks, LR!!! i've been MIA lately. but don't you worry your pretty little head, i'm totally acknowledging this badboy raaaaaat now.

  7. Lacey! I finally read this update. Your new layout looks pretty good! :) I like the font on the left hand side very pretty. Also I finally started my blog so if you wannnnnt you could read it sometime :D. Hahaha I also eat tomatoes like that!! Man we are so much alike! lol Oh man that picture of you in the dress was so cute and hilarious, not gonna lie. :) Anyway thats awesome that you got some blog awards! Congrats!

  8. PS.
    I just tried following you and it wont let me. :( It says my request is too large! What does that even mean?

  9. Thanks, everyone!!! Shannon, we ARE so much alike! we both eat our tomatoes like apples and we both LOVE to wear our PJs. (I'M IN MINE RIGHT NOW!) haha. It says you are following me now, so I'm guessing you just had to do a little foreplay to get it ready for your large request ;)

  10. Lol! Lacey you would not believe how demanding blogger is. Wanting me to touch it's boobs and stuff just to follow you...jesus.


you know you want to.

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