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Since I wanted to make this blog a little more "me", I thought I'd add some links to things that I like. I contemplated recording myself singing "My Favorite Things" from The Sound of Music and replacing the words with some of my own favorite things, but no one wants to hear that, so links it is!
Oh, PS: I will try to update this page periodically, and feel free to comment with links to things that you like, because then maybe I will like those things, too!

Here are some things that make me giggle:

7 Reasons to keep your tyrannosaur off crack cocaine, provided by

The guys at can always make me giggle. This is a video by the amazing Michael Swaim about weird toilets.

The picture under May 4th, 2010 titled "Doggie Style" gets me every time.

The Awkward Situation Survival Guide by (my internet-girl-crush) Allie Brosh:

Here are some things that make me smile:

duuuuuuuuuuuuude. check this out:

Cute dogs and funny captions

parody airline safety procedures

Here are some things that make me contemplate the world and my existence in it:

15(ish) Things Worth Knowing About Coffee. This one is funny AND educational:

iPad comic from xkcd

And here are some blogs that I like to read:

Bow to Brevity
Diary of a Fair Weather Diver
Giddy Fingers
Lauren vs. Reality
Narcissism and Other Adventures
Sometimes I Just Feel Like...
Thank Goodness for the Good Ones
the Tsaritsa sez
Things I Like to Eat and Other Nonsense

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  1. I like how where you have your profile you've just called it 'My face' that made me laugh. God I'm such a spaz sometimes :)


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