A Bit About Me

It's a blog where I get to do three of my favorite things at the same time: writing, doodling, and attempting to be funny. Enjoy.

In case you are wondering, here are some generic profile things. 
They are very boring things, but they will work for now.

[UPDATE: I filled out one of those silly surveys that are supposed to reveal your innermost secrets and whatnot. You can check it out here.]

About Moi:
I suck at writing the "about me" section on profiles. My favorite veggies are squash and zucchini. I have been 5'3" tall since the 7th grade, so I love wearing heels; it makes me feel like a grown up. I am by no means a girlie girl, but my toenails are always painted. I love to write; I like to use semicolons whenever possible.
anything that involves me using my brain (reading, writing, doodling, playing board games or video games, scrapbooking, learning new things, etc.) because i like to be mentally stimulated. Also, I like my family and friends; they're pretty legit.
Favorite Movies:
I love comedy, so anything that will make me laugh. Also, i like kids movies and this new fangled 3D business; it blows my mind. I love a tear-jerker now and then, but I can only handle so much of that crap. Oh, and zombies. I like watching zombies run around thinking they have the know-how to take over the world, and then seeing the badass of the movie flex his guns and run up and chop off the zombies' heads.
Favorite Music:
I love music. I am not sure if I have a favorite kind, but I go back and forth between indie/laid back/chill music with strong vocals and pseudo-punk/rock/upbeat music with fun sounding guitars and drums. It just depends on my mood, but usually if I can sing along or move my hips slightly to the beat it tickles my fancy. 
Favorite Books:
I love books!!! One day I want to write books - so then I guess those ones would be my favorites because they would have MY name on them and would make me so biased and happy :) BUT - as of right now, I am into the YA genre because that is the genre for which I would like to write. I like reading "grown up" books too; they make me feel smart.


  1. Lacey you crack me up. I was seriously sitting here at my computer laughing. My first crack-up moment happened at ";I like to use semicolans whenever possible" LOL

    and I love my friends and family they are pretty legit..
    and you know what I would like to comment on this...because I am pretty legit and I am your friend so I can say that.

    lol I love you.

  2. haha you are SO legit, you don't even know it. I love you, too, Shanannerammers.


you know you want to.

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