Monday, May 10, 2010


This post is short but sweet. In the awesome way, not in the sugary way. Though, I did have a lot of sugar today, so it might fall under that category as well. I guess I'll let you decide. Enjoy.

Today was my last day of classes and final exams for the semester!!!

Here is how I celebrated:

embarrassing myself in front of people I've never seen before

doing gymnastics in the grass while singing the few words that I know from that one Alice Cooper song
(Yeah, that one; no need to Google it)

and destroying (I mean selling back) my textbooks with brute force and my sweet ninja/karate skills.

Oh, and I went to Barney's for happy hour with Cathy and Adam and got some yummy margaritas to celebrate being done with our Shakespeare final :)

By the way:
If you haven't voted in the super(hero) awesome poll on this page yet, make sure you do. It will most likely become a doodle soon.


  1. Yea for your awesome shading skills!!
    It looks so great! It is like "This Freckled Lemonade: 2.0"
    I love that you drew Adam's molester mustache!!

  2. i remember those days.... paying an arm and a leg for textbooks and then when you sell them only getting back enough to buy a soda.

    i'd like to meet adam's molester mustache.

  3. Yay!!! Have your doodles always had the shadows? <3 them! And you... :)

  4. Adam's molester mustache is pretty sweet, but hard to capture in a doodle. I am not sure if I gave it justice; you really do have to see it in person.
    Mrs. Kelley: they have NOT always had the shadows! Good eye, my friend! <3 you too! (and the shadows <3 you too)

  5. Love your doodles! Last week I also sang the few words from that Alice Cooper song as I shoved my last paper in my professors box and ran outside. It was a very therapeutic moment for me.

  6. lol omg this doodle was so cute! I loved all the pretty colors :) AndI did vote on the superhero pole.


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