Friday, April 16, 2010

Hybrid Theory

I have two cats.

(That was quite possibly this simplest sentence I have ever constructed.)

One of my cats is a normal but somewhat shy feline. The other is a cat/dog hybrid. This is my theory on how he came to be this way.

One night in a small town in the state of Michigan, where there is absolutely nothing to do after 9:00pm, a couple of crazy college kids were playing games on their Xbox, doing some crazy college drugs, and ardently debating the meaning of life.

Too submersed in their debate to notice, the crazy college kids were unaware that this cat was curious about their crazy college drugs (while they should have realized that curiosity is a common trait among cats, we won't call them out on that). They also did not notice when the cat crept cautiously up to the coffee table and took a lick of the strange substance.

The cat then (probably) began to freak the fuck out, immediately regretted his decision, and proceeded the transformation into cat/dog.

Now my cat plays fetch better than most dogs! And he barks sometimes, too! It's like getting to have all of the fun parts of having a dog...

without having to follow him around the park with a poop sack. Thanks, crazy college kids!


  1. haha this is what we were talking about last night!!! (I don't know if you remember that part- you were pretty gone!)
    How your cat could play catch and was a whore for attention lol

    I love you and your doodles of awesome

  2. haha yes I remember :) but I'll admit, I didn't think I would. lol

    And I love you and your noodles of awesome, but the broccoli and the chicken are the best parts.

  3. haha broccoli and chicken are delicious :D I really want to get my doodles done! It is taking me forever to just finish one of mine haha You have talent my friend

  4. thanks, my friend! you'll get there! :)


you know you want to.

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